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NLCC Privacy Policy.

NLCC Privacy & Data Policy.

The privacy notice is designed for No Limit Cycling Club members. Authored by Caroline Wilson, it explains the collection and use of personal information. By understanding these practices, members can make informed decisions about their privacy.

The notice details the types of information collected, such as contact details, membership data, payment information, attendance records, and marketing preferences. This data is crucial for managing memberships and keeping members updated.

The purpose of processing personal data is outlined in the notice. It includes managing memberships, processing fees, providing membership benefits, and sharing updates and marketing information to enhance members’ involvement.

Members’ consent is important. By joining the club, members implicitly agree to the data practices outlined in the notice. However, they can withdraw consent at any time. Consent is voluntary, and certain information can be withheld while still enjoying membership benefits.

To protect personal information, the club implements technical and organizational measures, including access controls, data accuracy checks, and staff training. The notice also emphasizes compliance with data protection laws and informs members about potential updates.

For any privacy or data protection concerns, members can contact the club using the provided details. Regularly reviewing the notice is advised to stay informed about data processing practices and legal requirements.

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