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Lead Ride Captain.


No Limit CC are looking for a Lead Ride Captain to help manage our growing roster of ride captains across our four cycling ability groups as well as play a key part in the cycling events and training that take place outside of our weekly group rides.

Role of a Lead Ride Captain

The role of the Lead Ride Captain is to work with the other Ride Captains to ensure that club rides are well-managed, safe and reflect the aspirations of NLCC club members.

Outside of performing the duties of a ride captain involve coordinating our clubs ride captains on a weekly basis, through a weekly call hosted on a Monday evening at 6pm.


  • Keeping and updating a log on the availability of the clubs Ride Captains.
  • Make sure Ride Captains have, or can access, the equipment they require in order to carry out group session.
  • Review the performance of club Ride Captains and assist them in area’s they may be struggling.


Time Commitment

  • We would like the Lead ride captain to participate in 2 rides per month, potentially increasing during the summer months when club activity is higher.
  • Host a weekly 1 hour call with the other ride captains as well as potential ad-hoc meetings around events.
  • Communicate with the club committee frequently to cascade information to ride captains.

This role is a voluntary position for 12 months, after which the position will be advertised to the club members and you will be given the opportunity to re-apply.

Please submit a short summary of why you would like to apply.

You’ll be contacted to have a short conversation with 2 committee members,

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