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Our mission.

  • To be an all-inclusive cycling club welcoming people from all backgrounds.
  • Giving everyone (regardless of experience) the opportunity to gain knowledge, skills, and confidence in all aspects of cycling with ‘no limit’.
  • To work in collaboration with other cycling clubs to achieve common goals.
  • To create a positive platform for all and to connect communities.
  • To promote a safe, friendly, social atmosphere and environment in which our members can build friendships.
  • Network with cyclists of diverse backgrounds and experiences.
  • Our aim is to create a fun environment that has no limitations where anything is possible.


Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

At our cycling club in London, we strive to create a welcoming environment for people from all backgrounds. Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a complete beginner, we believe in providing everyone with the opportunity to learn, develop skills, and build confidence in all aspects of cycling. Join us and experience the joy of cycling with 'no limit


Empowering Cyclists of All Levels

Join our London cycling club and embark on a journey of empowerment. We are committed to supporting cyclists of all levels, regardless of their experience. From beginners seeking guidance to experienced riders aiming for new achievements, our club offers the knowledge, resources, and camaraderie needed to excel. Together, we break barriers and reach new heights.


Building Cycling Skills and Confidence

At our cycling club in London, we focus on building not only cycling skills but also confidence. We understand that cycling is more than just a physical activity – it's a transformative experience. Through expert guidance, friendly support, and a positive atmosphere, we help individuals develop their cycling abilities and unleash their true potential on two wheels.


Uniting People - No Limits, No Boundaries

Join our London cycling club and embrace a culture of limitless possibilities. We believe in shattering boundaries and defying limitations. No matter your background or previous cycling experience, our club offers a platform for growth and exploration. Together, we redefine what it means to be a cyclist and celebrate the freedom and joy that cycling brings.

No Limit is an inclusive cycling club.

No Limit CC (NLCC) is an exciting and inclusive cycling club located in the vibrant city of London. Our club offers a unique opportunity to learn and explore a diverse range of cycling experiences while having a fantastic time!

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No Limit

To how far we will go to fight for unity and diversity

No Limit

To empower each other to go above and beyond all expectations

No Limit

To encourage everyone, whether a  beginner or experienced cyclist

From our lovely
community, family & friends.

With a mission to improve lives through cycling, we teach the joys of cycling  and create amazing rides and events

The popular adage “ What happens in xxxxx stays in xxxx”, is one I planned to apply to NLCC Mallorca cycling trip but after the wonderful experience I had , it would be a crime not to share.This was a first for me and considering I was a late joiner; I would have been very disappointed to have missed out with the knowledge I now have. Great company, great weather, great banter. What a joy to cycle in a “cycling friendly” environment where the motorists give you a wide berth.Quiz night (we woz robbed but at least I wasn’t on Table 5) was great fun. Party night, line dancing (in and out of sync ). Loads of banter covering a host of topics such as suitcase choices, cabin or hold luggage etc. Sign me up for next year as I’ve packed already. 23 Kilos.

earle clarke nlcc testimonial image

Earle Clarke

Bike Enthusiast

First time ever on a cycling trip and I couldn't have gone with a nicer bunch of people. With limited road cycling experience, I had no reason to feel nervous as the NLCC group leaders took such good care of us- shout out to Rhoma and Caroline. Their patience and professionalism was second to none as they expertly guided Group 3 set through the 3 days of cycling. Shout out to the organisers- the hotel was on point and the planned activities in the evening was great! Never a dull moment from start through to finish. Met some really nice folks from the sane to the downright insane! Can't wait till the September trip

michelle nlcc testimonial image


Bike Enthusiast

It’s been 2.5yrs since I started having cycling lessons and have not looked back since. I joined NL from the beginning and knew a lot of the members from when we cycled with BCN in 2021.I enjoy how disciplined they are cycling in a group and being safe on the roads. The Skill Sessions have been great and track cycling at Herne Hill.My most memorable ride was to Brighton with Rhoma on my tail frog marching me up Ditchling Beacon, repeatedly shouting “1-2” and that is what got me all the way up that hill no stop. I am pleased to say I did it again without her and succeeded with her shadow by my side 😜I look forward to the challenges NLCC have in store for us in the coming years.

lorna fergus nlcc testimonial image

Lorna Fergus

Bike Enthusiast

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